Hello world!


Man, does that word conjure up some tumultuous feelings for me! I’ve read so many books, watched so many videos, sat through so many sermons & seminars attempting to tackle this ominous subject. (I’ve found some pretty amazing material out there. I’ll be sure to drop names & titles in the future.)

Then I sit on a Sunday night & watch one of the most amazing reality shows on television (ABC’s Secret Millionaire) and watch that word in action…purpose.
I see posts on Facebook & twitter by friends & respected artists that are living their dreams because that word kept them going…purpose.
I speak for hours on the phone with friends trying to wrestle through life to find that word’s meaning on an individual basis. It’s so much easier to help someone else see WHAT we think they should be doing, but the reality is if you don’t find out for yourself, the reason WHY might not be so easy to see.


Why do you do what you do? What do you love to do & why? Would it ever matter if you never got paid to do it?

These questions need to be asked regularly. Constantly seeking growth in your life & career is beyond imperative: it’s essential to the very pulse of your existence.

This year has already proven to be full of disaster & calamity. Egypt, Wisconsin, Japan, Libya… Additionally, there are so many people (and especially kids!) around the world & on our own US soil that are being devastated daily by their life circumstances, both unintentional & uncontrollable (sexual abuse, mental disorders, terminal health issues). What can you do right now to change your plot of ground in this life? How can you bring value to the people around you? You may not think you have much to offer, but this much I know: you were designed to bring something of value to this earth.

Let’s figure it out together & bring others along on our journey.

You can make a difference right now with what you currently have. What were you designed to do?

What is YOUR purpose?


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