1st Guest Blog Post of 2012!!!!!

I am so honored to share this blog post with all of you!  A friend of mine from when I attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, Jason Dombrow, is probably the most charismatic, funny, and lively person that I know.  Jason is an accomplished actor/comedian and professional organizer (NAPO member).  He has pursued EVERYTHING under the sun from music to finance (He was even a stock broker!)….seriously, I don’t think there is much this guy has not pursued. This is exactly why he is the perfect person to have as a guest blogger and I couldn’t have asked for a better person/blog post to start the year!!!!

Well, without further delay, here is his short, but sweet, thought for the day (or the year!) with quite the clever title, I must say!!!! Thanks again Jason!!!!!!





By Jason C. Dombrow

I seem to be forgetting a little too often these days. Who was I calling? Where was I going? What was I doing? What did I want to be when I grew up? When “reality” sets in, and I open my eyes to look at the circumstances of my life (at 35 years old), I’m left with two questions. “What happened? And, “How did I get here?”

I have spent years trying to figure it all out. To get it right. To find the one thing that will make me, well, “Happy.” Is living a life to pay bills the life I want? Highly Doubtful! However, as much as I struggle and fight for the life I want, I’m failing and falling behind.

Now, I know this may sound depressing. However, truth be told, what I’m forgetting here is that it’s perfectly okay to “Start Over Love!” (Clever title, huh?) After all, I’m the one in the driver’s seat! I’m the one who’s gotten distracted, who’s forgotten to follow my passion. I’m the one who’s stopped taking the needed actions to attain my goals. And even if life has found a comfy little groove, and another year is over, it’s not time to give up! It’s time to BEGIN! Now is the time to refocus – To find a way. The way! It’s NOT too late. I’m not too OLD. It’s time to LOVE MY LIFE again!

And if I forget, I know I can always “Start Over Love!”

Jason Dombrow lives in Los Angeles, CA and has a thriving professional organization business called  “Under the Clutter”. He also enjoys planning live comedy events in the Los Angeles Area as well as performing and posting hilarious and thought-provoking YouTube videos. If you are interested in contacting him, or learning more about him, you can go to Jason’s Facebook Page, or check out his organization website, Under The Clutter. ~NM


HOPE In The Face Of Discouragement

“My enemies’ insults make me feel as if my bones were broken.They are always saying,’“Where is your God?”’ Why am I so sad? Why am I so upset? I should put my HOPE in God and keep praising him,my Savior and my God.”
http://bible.us/Ps42.10.NCV (emphasis added)

HOPE: I thought this scripture was an interesting twist on HOPE. When you feel beaten down, put your HOPE in God. Hmm, so when something physically/emotionally happens, do something spiritual in return. I don’t think David is trying to “Get over it”, but I do think he seems to realize that dwelling on the negative & destructive things in life only makes matters worse. Maybe he felt God could change his situation. Maybe, having seen God work in his own life, he knew God cared about him & what he was going through. All through the Psalms David is praising, complaining to, & petitioning God. Some of his situations changed for the better, but some, honestly, did not. Still he kept a positive perspective: he had HOPE.
Life is always going to have its ups & downs. Where your HOPE is what will keep you going.

I HOPE your journey is filled with HOPE. The kind of HOPE that is eternal & transcending.

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