What is the Purpose- Of This Blog!?

So it became clear as this blog was being birthed, just how much I needed direction & relevancy.

When I first resolved to create this blog, there were so many thoughts & ideas running around in my mind. I was participating in a group coaching program with a mentor of mine (I can refer you; he’s great!), and he gave me some great input and advice.  I also sought the advice of other  dear friends who are traveling this journey on the “road” parallel to mine. I researched other blogging moms and mom-prenuers. I prayed. I wrestled. Then it happened: I made a plan. My heart got stirred to action and I set the next six months  (til October, 2011) into a skeletal outline of themes. I made a resolute decision to base my content on a monthly “theme”. One word to expound on weekly. Not bad right? Great, straightforward way to share the most powerful things I have been learning, as well as the most challenging.

May’s theme is PURPOSE which is how my first post was born (even though clearly it was February when I wrote it!). Seems an appropriate topic to begin with.

My goal is to stay on track with my monthly theme plan and get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. This is where YOU come in. My desire is that this will be a highly interactive place where we can meet up to share ideas, share what we are learning,  and ultimately share our lives to make this “pursuit” as enjoyable as possible…like an online drive-thru cafe. You don’t have to, but tips (verbal ones) are greatly appreciated. **wink** 

I am also going to be sharing the things that inspired me so far on this journey including the names of amazing success stories, titles of some great books I have read so far, artists &/or songs that helped motivate/inspire me, as well as quotes and advice relevant to the topic. I’m hoping it will spark for you to share as well, as I’m always looking for new ways to be motivated and inspired.

Another goal is to keep these posts short and easy to read. (These first two posts don’t count, okay?)

Seriously, I’m really excited for this journey and even more excited about the friends who have graciously accepted my request to have them here as guest bloggers. (Who knows! I might be tapping you on the shoulder as well!)
**Please be sure to leave me your info if you are interested in sharing your knowledge & experience with us!**

Thanks again for walking along with me…or even for just dropping in now & then.

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