HOPE In The Face Of Discouragement

“My enemies’ insults make me feel as if my bones were broken.They are always saying,’“Where is your God?”’ Why am I so sad? Why am I so upset? I should put my HOPE in God and keep praising him,my Savior and my God.”
http://bible.us/Ps42.10.NCV (emphasis added)

HOPE: I thought this scripture was an interesting twist on HOPE. When you feel beaten down, put your HOPE in God. Hmm, so when something physically/emotionally happens, do something spiritual in return. I don’t think David is trying to “Get over it”, but I do think he seems to realize that dwelling on the negative & destructive things in life only makes matters worse. Maybe he felt God could change his situation. Maybe, having seen God work in his own life, he knew God cared about him & what he was going through. All through the Psalms David is praising, complaining to, & petitioning God. Some of his situations changed for the better, but some, honestly, did not. Still he kept a positive perspective: he had HOPE.
Life is always going to have its ups & downs. Where your HOPE is what will keep you going.

I HOPE your journey is filled with HOPE. The kind of HOPE that is eternal & transcending.

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