2012 Recap: Apologies and Life Unedited


I obviously must first start by apologizing for keeping my thoughts and lessons to myself. I apologize.

Whew! I feel much better. **Sigh**  I do promise not to make up for lost time with long-winded crazy details.  You’re too smart for that. ;0)

Well, much has happened since I last shared my toughts at the beginning of this year. While this page has been quiet, my life has been far from that.  This picture is of my now 6 year old daughter.  She is such an inspiration to me and yet can drive me CRAZY!!! Probably this happens because she reminds me so much of myself in many ways. Mirrors are often difficult to look into regularly.  This is especially true when they are haunting reminders of what you desparately want to change, but just haven’t made the valiant effort (yet) to follow through.

At the beginning of the year I was really excited about discovering what my true calling in life might be. My Joyful Pursuit. Little did I know that I needed only to look to my kids for the inspiration and motivation to do what I had already known in my heart I loved to do: share my voice.
I love to sing. I love music. I love teaching swim lessons. I love swimming. I love learning. I love coaching. I love solving problems. I love sharing what I’ve learned. I love people. I love to talk. I love to write. I LOVE TO EDIT. Huh? I know, I know: random, right? Well, it turns out this love to edit is not so random after all.  I do it every time I read a book, article, Facebook post (I know, sorry!), blog, or newsletter.  Now I know the purpose of this gift/thorn in my flesh:

My God-given calling is to help others find their voice…and use it to the best of their ability (or mine).

The reality is we don’t always know the best way to communicate our thoughts.  With technology and smart-everything we hardly have to think for ourselves.  Why remember when we can Google it or look it up on Wikipedia?  I love helping people figure out better ways to say what they are thinking without offending or confusing the other person. It’s like solving a riddle.

I had an amazing opportunity to work on a book project with a man who I met briefly in Los Angeles (through the network marketing business that I was in) and has become a friend, brother, and a mentor.  (He also happens to be a part of the entertainment ministry I was a part of while attending music school.  Small world right?) You have NO idea how much agonizing I went through just to even accpet the idea that I would be the final/main editor of his first, full-fledged book should I choose to accept this mission. At first, I assumed I would merely do a rough overview and just get it ready for a professional editor. No problem.  But after I kept saying, “until you send this to the editor”, he finally made it abundantly clear that he had no intentions of sending anywhere else afer I was done. What an honor. I thought I was going to throw up. But, you know, this strange thing happened: I gained confidence. I found a flow…momentum. I found my niche. Organic editing.

I’d like to think the way I work is very different than the big shots in that I like to go over the book live either over the phone or in person to get a real-time feel of what the person is wanting to convey to their audience and to get my questions about the text answered quickly.  The best part of this organic process is that the author has the authenticity of their voice without losing credibility, and I get to coach them through those moments when they either want to give up or hold back.  Their vision and dream of sharing the book within them comes alive! This is a win-win!

So now the question, “what does this have to do with your daughter?”  Great question. Do you see how free she looks jumping through the seaweed on the beach?  This girl is mostly fearless, extremely addicted to laughing and having fun and basically loves to enjoy life.  I was none of those things. Or was I? I watched her that day with a newfound respect for her freedom (which also happens to be what her name means).  Little did I know that by naming my children I was not only giving them a monniker to live up to, but that in those names I would find a reflection of a girl long ago enslaved by insecurity. A Dreamer. A Doer. A Bright Light. A Lioness of God. Freedom.

Ironically, through editing a book I learned to live my life unedited.


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