What is the PURPOSE ~ Of Faith?

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post & I’m really determined to keep to my once a week posting, even if it is a really short/long post….& late!

This last weekend is one marked with many different notable things going on around the world. The most laughable: Judgement Day, May 21,2011.  In keeping with the current monthly theme of “PURPOSE”, I felt it would be appropriate to say this:

For the record- not all Christians are loony. Not all churches teach the TRUTH. Not everyone who considers themselves a Christian actually is.

So what is the purpose of church, or even faith? Here is my humble opinion: we all need to believe in something bigger than ourselves. We were designed that way. I believe Christianity (at its core) is driven by sacrificial love & constant growth (maturity).  If you’re going to church & not digging into why you go there as opposed to somewhere else, you are probably compelled by tradition. If you’re not asking yourself, “would this action/thought make a difference in my life & the life of others?”, then you are probably just plowing through life trying to keep your head above water…existing, not living.

I’m not judging. I was just recently in that same spot wondering what happened to my life. We were designed to thrive & live a full life…not for life to live us!  (Hence this Joyful Pursuit)

“Live your life by DESIGN, not by DEFAULT.”~ Dani Johnson

So, what if (like the predictions of apocalypse) this God of Christianity is not really real?  Well, my friends, I can honestly say that the worst that can happen is that I lived a life focused on becoming a better person (wife, mother, friend, employee,etc.), that I did the best I could to treat everyone with respect & compassion, & that I worked hard to find & make peace in my life & the lives of others around me.  If all that happens when I die is that my flesh fertilizes the ground I’m buried in, then at least that flesh was living a life of love.  That gives me peace. Living a life honoring God, gives me hope. Hope that I really can be a different & better person. That is just the beginning of the discovery of my PURPOSE. What will my legacy be? For the record: I believe God is very real.

Why take that away from me? Or anyone else? Why take it away from yourself? Give yourself permission today to figure out what you believe in….& what you don’t.

Who cares what other people think…you’re just going to die anyway right? Live Joyfully…what do you have to lose?

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  1. Lisa
    May 24, 2011 @ 21:01:15

    Thanks Nilsa for this post. It reminded me of whats truly important and that is to ask what is my why. Why do I believe what I do and are there things that need to change as I grow and mature in life. thanks again. Lisa


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